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OPC UA Client for WinCC


Browser and Channel-DLL for Simatic WinCC®
for communication with OPC Unified Architecture Servers


Implementing process communication in Simatic WinCC® with OPC Unified
Architecture Servers (Data Access) via Ethernet TCP/IP and the OPC Unified Architecture Binary protocol. This software package contains: a browser to discover OPC UA Servers in the local area network via the OPC UA Discovery Service and a Channel-DLL called OPCUA.chn. With the browser nodes can be found on an OPC UA Server and added directly to a WinCC-Project. Connections in the Tag-Management of WinCC are created if necessary and configured automatically with the selected endpoint definition.

The user also doesn’t have to create the subscriptions needed manually. They will be configured via the used update cycle in the WinCC-Project and then automatically created. If it’s needed to read an item once, WinCC-Script can be used. The Browser can be used to read and display the values of interest from the server.

All security and authorization specifications for OPC UA are supported (Sign, Sign and Encrypt, Access Control). The necessary data (Username / Password) is stored encrypted in the WinCC-Project database. This means, there is no manual action needed when the connection will be established.

System requirements:

·        Standard-PC with Microsoft Windows-XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 (depending on the version of WinCC)
(32- and 64-Bit Versions supported)

·         Application software Simatic WinCC® V7.0 SP2/SP3, V7.2, V7.3, V7.4 (SP1)


·        Software

·         Online Installation-, Configuration and Operation manual

·         Sample project for Simatic WinCC®  V7.0 SP3


English (other languages upon request)


Available for download or on CD-ROM, EXW

Shop Reference No.:

21100015 (Internet-Download)
21100026 (CD-ROM)

Export regulations:

AL: N, ECCN: 5D992B2, Customs ID: 85243910

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